Menouar Benfodda, ENKO ambassador
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Menouar Benfodda, ENKO ambassador

Meeting with Menouar Benfodda, a French elite running champion. He runs for "Martigues Running Club", one of the best clubs in France. He has competed and won events in several disciplines.
Could you please introduce yourself, Menouar?

I am an elite runner and an ENKO ambassador. I started running in 2007. I practice track, road and trail running. My PB's are 30'09 on 10K, 1h06' on half-marathon and 2h22' on marathon.

Why do you use the ENKO shoes?

I mostly use the ENKO shoes for their comfort, and because they allow my joints to recover more easily (especially my ankles and Achilles tendon). With these shoes, I am able to make repetitive trainings and competitions without being sore.

You ran with the ENKO shoes in competition, what did you think about them?
I ran 2018 Paris Half-Marathon with the ENKO shoes. I ended up in 1h12'14''. Even if the road was wet, the ENKO shoes kept their stability. They have a good grip and do not slip. Despite these shoes are a less light than "classic" shoes, this does not stop them from performing, when you run with them. As their grip is excellent, you can use them for trail running. They are adapted to all types of surfaces. Stones are ejected by the mechanism when running. That is the reason why nothing gets stuck into the sole.
What are the 3 adjectives you would use to qualify the ENKO shoes, and can you justify your choice?

According to me, the adjectives describing the ENKO shoes best are damping, comfortable and dynamic. The ENKO shoes protect joints from impacts. That is their main purpose. The fabric parts are of the highest quality. Thus, you feel very comfortable when wearing them. Finally, the ENKO shoes are dynamic because the springs act as energy transmitter. They fully absorb the energy from the impact on the ground, and give it back during the propulsion phase.

What are your next projects with ENKO?

I continue my collaboration with ENKO by preparing races, coming up in the next few months. I am currently training for the "Canigou" championship, a difficult mountain race I will run with the ENKO shoes. Meanwhile, I am working with ENKO for the development of their future models.

Paris Half-Marathon 2018