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Enko in 10 questions

How is Enko different from other running shoes?

All running brands use soft materials for the cushioning of their shoes. Innovations are often made with the addition of air, gel or other materials; however, the disadvantages of soft materials are: limited cushioning and deterioration during use and over time.

Enko is a true breakthrough innovation. The cushioning system made of soft materials is replaced by a mechanical cushioning system adaptable to the runner's weight. With this, the disadvantages disappear: total cushioning of over 10 inches, no compacting of the cushioning over time (the cushioning is constant from the first to the last mile), and a very long life of the cushioning system (guaranteed 1,250 miles).

Is Enko made for me?

Enko shoes are designed for anyone who enjoys running for pleasure while seeking the best cushioning to maintain their health. For runners in good health, running in Enko shoes give them the constant assurance of optimal cushioning without worrying about the loss of the cushioning's quality and the regular replacement of shoes. For runners with problematic trauma from running (back pain, knee, hip, joint problems...), Enko shoes' cushioning quality, in most cases, allows for a sustained recovery in running.

For heavy runners, the selection of a spring according to the weight of the runner (7 weight ranges from 99 to 254 lbs) makes it possible for heavy runners to obtain real running shoes that are actually adapted to their weight. This is the only running shoe that adapts to the weight of the runner.

Is Enko allowed in races?

There are no restrictions or required approval to run with them in races. You can run in the shoes you want, running shoes or otherwise!!

Enko shoes are used in major races throughout the world (New York, Boston, Tokyo, and Paris marathons), as well as in many regional races.
Podium finishes have been accomplished in Enko shoes, as is the case regularly with our ambassador, Menouar Benfodda.

Can I do trail running in Enko shoes?

Yes, Enko shoes are perfectly suited to trail running. Thanks to the studs, they perform well with excellent grip on all types of terrain. In addition, pebbles are ejected by the moving mechanism.

Is Enko suitable for fast walking (or Nordic walking)?

Sports walking, also known as "fast walking", and Nordic walking are dynamic sports that develop breathing and endurance. Less traumatic than running, however, they do require good shoes.
Enko shoes have the criteria required for fast walking: grip on all types of terrain thanks to the studs, adapted cushioning, the shoes' dynamism by the conversion of stored energy during the propulsion phase, and finally, the shoes' stability on all types of surfaces related to the design of the cushioning system.
To obtain cushioning adapted to this sport, it is necessary for us to set up your shoes in the lab for fast walking. Therefore, please specify in your order your wish to use Enko for fast walking or Nordic walking.

How do I save money by running in Enko shoes?

All running shoes wear out and need to be replaced regularly. The frequency of replacements depends on their use, the runner's weight, and the running surface.

The first cause for replacement is the loss of cushioning. The soft material used in the running shoes gets compacted with use and, over time, the cushioning deteriorates. Although still "almost new" your running shoes need to be replaced. With Enko, the cushioning system is mechanical and thus does not have the disadvantage of compacting or aging as in the other running shoes. The springs are guaranteed for 1 million cycles, or about 1,250 miles and they are replaceable! You keep your Enko running shoes while you will have replaced standard shoes 3 or 4 times.

Another cause for replacement is the wear on the sole. A worn outer sole no longer fulfills its gripping function. Enko is equipped with replaceable studs. You only replace those that are worn. The result is the life of your Enko shoes is extended.

Enko shoes, unlike other running shoes, have a much longer life. We no longer throw away our worn running shoes, instead we just replace the worn-out parts ... and our budget for running shoes shows it!

Is it designed for all types of strides?

With Enko, you keep your stride.
Whether you heel-strike of midfoot-strike, Enko is suitable for all types of strides. Not a sprinting shoe, Enko is not suitable for a purely forefoot-strike.

Thanks to the connecting arms of the double soles, Enko running shoes naturally correct overpronation or supination. Although the use of orthopedic insoles is possible with Enko running shoes, some users no longer feel the need for them.

Is Enko heavier than other running shoes?

The Enko weighs 13.4 oz for a size 10 shoe.
Unlike other running shoes, the shoe's weight is not a detriment for runners. In fact, it is the shoe that "pushes" the runner's foot in the propulsion phase, whereas for a standard shoe, it is the runner who "pulls" the shoe.

This is why users first experience a feeling of "lightness" in their feet!

Will I run faster with these shoes?

When wearing Enko shoes, you keep your stride and pace. By choosing springs that match your weight range, the energy stored during the impact on the ground is accurately converted. You will not have a surplus of power that will alter your performance!

However, the Enko's cushioning protects your joints and your body, providing a feeling of comfort which may allow you to push yourself a little more!

How do I try on Enko shoes, do you have any stores?

Enko is only marketed on this site. We can advise you by phone or email prior to purchase, especially for advice on size or choice of springs. If the shoe size does not fit you, we will exchange it, with shipping costs at our own expense.

You can also come and try on Enko shoes at our facility. We will be happy to assist you.
287 avenue Jean-Fourastié
Tel. : +33(0)4 68 94 91 21

Chaussure de running Enko
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  • Prevention: total cushioning to preserve your health
  • Durability: Up to 1,250 miles with no decrease in the cushioning quality
  • Reliability: 3 year warranty on the cushioning system
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