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Enko running shoe

Why is ENKO revolutionary?

ENKO allows everyone who loves running to be able to practice this sport

The ENKO running shoes have been developed for men and women of all ages running for fun and who are looking to stay fit and healthy.
Their main purpose is not to improve performance during competition, but:

  • to improve physical fitness,
  • to prevent pain and injuries,
  • to make it more comfortable to run,
  • to get back into running after a surgery or a pregnancy
  • to run in spite of having injuries directly related to running or being overweight.
The ENKO running shoe is an innovative, high technology product. It's patented double sole required 12 years of R&D. It is made of more than 50 different parts. That is the reason why we consider this shoe to be a technological innovation.

It protects your body due to its exceptional cushioning system

The ENKO running shoe has a shock absorption capacity of 10 inches, where "classic" running shoes only cushion your strides from 1 to 2 inches (sole compression).
With the ENKO running shoe, impacts are softened, and your strides become more fluent.
That is why the ENKO running shoe reduces joints pain while you are running.
It also minimizes the risk of injuries.
This shoe protects your body and enables you to keep running.

The only shoe matching runner's bodyweight

The ENKO running shoe is the only one customized to your bodyweight.
You not only choose your shoe size and color, you also select the cushioning level corresponding to your bodyweight.
ENKO offers 7 different levels of cushioning, corresponding to 7 weight ranges from 99 to 255 lbs. It works in 22 pound increments.
Thus, each runner can run with fully custom shoes.
This is an ENKO worldwide exclusive...

It suits all types of strides : Overpronator, Underpronator and neutral

There are 3 types of runners : the overpronators, the underpronators (or supinators) and the neutrals..
However, there are runners who do not know their stride type, and not all manufacturers adapt their shoes to the 3 strides styles...
Thanks to the linking arm of its double sole, the ENKO running shoe is suitable to all types of runners.
It naturally corrects overpronation and underpronation.

With the ENKO running shoe, your questions are answered.

Energy restitution to help runners run further

The 2 springs of the cushioning system softly give you back all the energy from your previous stride when you are lifting your heels to do the next one.
Thus, the ENKO running shoe is a running assistant.
It reduces energy loss and tiredness.
It helps you push forward.

This way, the ENKO running shoe allows you to run longer and more efficiently.

More than 1,250 miles with no changes in the cushioning quality

The ENKO running shoes' lifespan is much longer than the one of "classic" shoes.
The cushioning system is able to make more than 1,250 miles, with no change in its cushioning quality. This is 5 to 6 times more than a "classic" running shoe.
To keep your ENKO shoes in good shape, you only have to replace the studs using the tool provided, when they start to wear out.