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Enko shoes and heavy runners

Enko shoes and heavy runners

In running jargon, a heavy runner is simply a runner whose weight is generally over 85 kg (187 lbs) for men. For women, it is over 65 kg (143 lbs).

Above all, you want good cushioning and good dynamics to run safely and protect your joints. Of course, foot and shoe stability are also an important criterion.

The running shoe that adapts to the runner's weight

Enko running shoes are the only running shoes in the world that truly adapt to the runner's weight.

Equipped with a unique mechanical cushioning system, Enko running shoes have springs calibrated according to the runner's, 7 ranges of springs corresponding to 7 weight ranges from 45 to 115 kg (99 to 254 lbs).

When ordering, Enko shoes are configured according to your weight. Feel free to change your range and test different weight ranges ... so you can have the running shoe that fits you.

You will have the best possible cushioning for your weight, whether you are a heavy or light runner.

Heavy runner and dynamic shoes

While cushioning is essential for a heavy runner, it is not incompatible with dynamism. Unlike standard running shoes, in which dynamism is often compromised by the search for cushioning, this is not the case with Enko running shoes.

The mechanical cushioning system stores energy during the impact with the ground and converts it according to the runner's actual weightduring the propulsion phase. This energy conversion thus makes it possible to obtain a dynamic stride adapted to the runner's weight while maintaining maximum cushioning.

For heavy runners, cushioning and dynamic footwear are no longer contradictory.

Heavy runners: good shoe stability

For heavy runners, good shoe stability is important. This is one of Enko's strengths. In fact, for standard running shoes, the search for maximum cushioning implies a thicker sole. At Enko, the mechanical cushioning system does not involve a thick sole. During the support phase, the foot is closest to the ground which provides increased stability.

Chaussure de running Enko
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  • Prevention: total cushioning to preserve your health
  • Durability: Up to 2,000 Km (1,250 miles)with no decrease in the cushioning quality
  • Reliability: 3-year guaranteed patented cushioning system
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