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ENKO, a revolution in the world of running

Today, running is very popular all around the world. However, everyone knows that it causes traumas on joints. After having reached a certain age or weight, several running fanatics give up on their sport and start to prefer cycling and swimming to it. It is the unfortunate reality. Running shoes you can find on the market do not reduce vibrations, nor cushion strides enough. Even worse, their performances do not last. Classic soles made of soft material end up by subsiding. As they do not play their role anymore, the shoes become useless

ENKO, the world's best cushioning

That is why, on a market focused on design and lacking big innovations, the ENKO running shoe is a real technological breakthrough. Designed and manufactured by the French start-up company ENKO, this running shoe is using an exclusive, mechanical and configurable cushioning system: a double patented sole, made of more than 50 parts and including a set of springs, matching runner's bodyweight. Thanks to this revolutionary sole, the ENKO running shoe cushions shocks better than any other shoe in the world.

The ENKO running shoe has unique and sustainable qualities: Incredible vibration and shock reduction at each impact on the ground, energy restitution, adaptability to all types of strides, a record lifespan without changes in performances… In short, it allows leisure runners to practice their sport without damaging their health. It can also help them to re-start running. ENKO frees runners so they can keep their passion alive.

ENKO, a French success story

The ENKO running shoe is a 100% French innovation. It has been designed and developed by Christian Freschi, a mechanical engineer and a running enthusiast. This shoe is the result of 12 years of R&D and tests. It is made in France, in Castelnaudary (near Toulouse), and sold by the start-up company founded and managed by Christian Freschi and his wife Jacqueline Freschi.

ENKO, awarded at the 2016 Las Vegas CES

Launched in 2015, with a limited budget, the ENKO running shoe quickly caught the interest of running fanatics and increased its notoriety thanks to social networks. It got several prizes. In particular, it has been awarded a prize at the 2016 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in the "Fitness, Sports and Biotech" category. Thus, ENKO became one of the 30 most innovative start-ups of the year in this category. Only available online for $372 (299€), the ENKO running shoes are used in more than 50 different countries.

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