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Our story

Christian and Jacqueline Freschi :
The passion of Running and Innovation

In 2014, Christian Freschi and Jacqueline Pommier-Freschi founded the ENKO company. However, the Enko running shoes story began ten years before that.

A taste for innovation

Christian Freschi, a precision mechanical engineer and a running enthusiast, was not able to run anymore, due to back problems (a degenerative disc disease associated to an herniated disk).
Since 1987, Christian Freschi was leading an aeronautical company.
Thus, he had an industrial tool for the design of mechanical parts thanks to his job.
As he could not find a pair of shoes with enough cushioning to limit his pain, he decided to use his engineering skills to create a shoe that will allow him to get back into running.

"I worked with all these technical tools to conceive a mechanical cushioning system able to go beyond what other running brands were offering, in terms of shock absorption." said Christian Freschi

Creative and persistent

Before allowing the greatest number to enjoy the shoe of his dreams, it took Christian Freschi 12 years of researches and tests, to develop a product that works properly and provides all the guarantees to users.
The challenge was to find a way to put all the mechanical components into the sole of the shoe, while making sure it was still a comfortable shoe respecting runner's natural stride.
Christian Freschi started his work inside the barn of his south of France farm, based near Toulouse.
All his free time was dedicated to his project.
In 2008, Christian Freschi got good results and he filed a first patent in France, to try his cushioning system on other people than himself. In addition, he worked with health professionals.
In 2014, he filed a second international patent.
No other manufacturer did what he did. Some tried to develop a mechanical cushioning system without succeeding .
Christian Freschi continued his researches until the Enko G4.1 (the 4th product generation) was born. These shoes allowed his designer to run again without pain.

Christian Freschi spent 10 years developing a product that works properly.

A Recognized and rewarded know-how

Due to its innovative and highly technological characteristics, the ENKO running shoe has been awarded several times since its launch.
In January 2016, ENKO got an award at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, in the "Fitness, Sports and Biotech" category. This event is the world's most popular tradeshow for technological innovation in consumer electronics. The ENKO running shoe was one of the 200 best innovations of the year 2016.
A few months earlier, it got an "Observeur du design" award.
Since December 2017, ENKO is "French Fab" approuved.

ENKO was awarded at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, and its shoes are part of the 200 innovations of the year.
  • 2004 Christian Freschi starts his researches and tests
  • 2008 Creation of the first ENKO running shoes prototype
  • January, 2014 Christian and Jacqueline Freschi create the ENKO company (SAS ENKO)
  • January, 2015 Start of the commercialization of the ENKO running Shoes
  • February-March, 2015 Indiegogo crowd funding operation
  • November, 2015 ENKO gets a « Coup de Pousse » award
  • December, 2015 ENKO is awarded at the "Etoiles de l'Observeur du Design"
  • January, 2016 ENKO is awarded a CES award in the "Fitness, Sports and Biotech" category
  • December, 2017 ENKO gets the "French Fab" label